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For those of you who have a twitter or facebook account, you should already be familiar with those “Mark hates Mondays” or “@ Kerolic: check this cool blog:”. Else, you will maybe want to get a little bit more familiar with the concept of Social Media (

With the growing development of social media software applications it has turned into an absolute necessity for most of us to stay “visible” to others, should they be family, friends or business partners, regarding what we’re doing or where we are (speaking the language of social media, this translates into: “keep your status up to date”!). In other words: if you’re not visible, it means else that you don’t exist/your life is too boring/you don’t care, or that you’ve never heard of social media or don’t have a computer.

Places like twitter, facebook or myspace, have quickly turned into absolute references of social networking apps, and some networking websites like LinkedIn are now even offering features derived from those newly arrived social media applications! Some existing features even allow you to update all your profiles at once and link them into a network! Could that be the beginning of an era dedicated to the convergence of social media? We cannot hope for more…

For those of us who are often “on the road” or incredibly mobile, and fear for their “on-line social death”, ShoZu has developed one clever free piece of software for mobile phones which simplifies the access to your favourite social media apps from the palm of your hand! ShoZu showcases more than 50 on-line social communities, email distribution lists, blogs, photo sites and other popular web destinations (click here to access the full list) you can now access from almost any existing mobile phone with multimedia features.



ShoZu allows you, from your mobile phone, to easily and quickly update your status and see your friends’ feeds (twitter, facebook, Seesmic, etc), upload geo-tagged pictures (flickr’) or videos (dailymotion, youtube), do some citizen journalism (reuters, CNN, BBC, etc), send emails or even post on your blog (WordPress, Blogger, Vox, Lifejournal, etc) from absolutely any location in the World!




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