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One of the big issues of a “mobile worker”  – and mostly in the case her or she is a freelancer, works for a young start-up or travel internationally  – is to be thrifty whenever the opportunity arises. Skype, the yet well famous VoIP software, was the first to broaden the horizons of mobile workers by giving them the possibility to work from abroad and save a significant amount of money on phone calls…

But Skype continues to innovate. After launching a month ago SkypeLite Beta, a version of its VoIP software which runs on Android Platform and more than 100 Java-Enabled Mobile Phones, Skype has announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that its VoIP software will be pre-loaded and integrated into Nokia devices, starting with the Nokia Nseries. Read More »



“Where will I be” you say?

my guess: “mmm, working from home?”

I realised that Britain’s National Tourism Agency (does that actually exist?) could accuse me of doing proselytism against Britain, if I wouldn’t give Paris and France its share of troubles caused by the extreme weather conditions which recently stroke Europe.

I hereby confirm that Paris was a real mess today (believe me, I have my informants there…)

check Euronews and The Telegraph for a complete update

This morning all our worldwide offices received a mail from one of our London colleague informing us about the terrible weather conditions currently running in the UK. This is how it goes:

“Just to let you know that snow has caused havoc here. Most people WFH so just wanted to give you a heads up if you were trying to get hold of anyone.”

As this “alert” left me a little puzzled, I went on the website of the snow-in-londonBBC to know a little bit more about what was going one there. One breaking-news article explained that “thousands of people are unable to travel as London’s transport network has been disrupted due to snow”. Read More »