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In my previous post “my 50th week of teleworking” I did not think relevant to highlight one additional market accelerators identified by Gartner, which may influence the growth of teleworking worldwide: the notion of “”emergency teleworkers”. According to some US analysts, “continued or increasing political unrest, particularly where it includes a possible threat to the security of those in areas of greatest population and business density”, may influence the development of teleworking practice. How is that?

This would be rather a secondary effect. For example, following incidents like the Oklahoma bombings or 9/11 in the United States, remote working increased in the area as a means of keeping businesses going while buildings were restored. Once order was restored, a proportion of “emergency teleworkers” continued to operate in this way for part of their working week.

I thought this kind of situation would not ever apply in such proportion in France. But I was just SO far away from the truth as we have a very peculiar tradition in France… Read More »