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“Where will I be” you say?

my guess: “mmm, working from home?”


I realised that Britain’s National Tourism Agency (does that actually exist?) could accuse me of doing proselytism against Britain, if I wouldn’t give Paris and France its share of troubles caused by the extreme weather conditions which recently stroke Europe.

I hereby confirm that Paris was a real mess today (believe me, I have my informants there…)

check Euronews and The Telegraph for a complete update

This morning all our worldwide offices received a mail from one of our London colleague informing us about the terrible weather conditions currently running in the UK. This is how it goes:

“Just to let you know that snow has caused havoc here. Most people WFH so just wanted to give you a heads up if you were trying to get hold of anyone.”

As this “alert” left me a little puzzled, I went on the website of the snow-in-londonBBC to know a little bit more about what was going one there. One breaking-news article explained that “thousands of people are unable to travel as London’s transport network has been disrupted due to snow”. Read More »